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My Terms & Conditions.

You will be responsible for reviewing your digital files within two weeks of delivery through Dropbox and/or a flash drive. Jane Dowd Photography will not be responsible for images missing or incorrect after this two week delivery.

Once receiving through dropbox, please download to multiple computers for safe keeping.

Flash drives could possible become corrupt so please make multiple backups. Jane Dowd Photography will not be responsible for a flash drive becoming corrupt and you losing your digital files. Your digital files must have multiple backups.

If you lose digital files more than a year after delivery, Jane Dowd Photography will not be liable if she is not able to locate these images on her archival drives. If she does locate the files, there is a $100 archival fee.

Please backup all of your digital files immediately to multiple computers and devices, along with computer/devices outside of your home.

Canvas and prints may fade over the years if they are in direct sunlight. Please do not put pictures on walls or an area that has direct sunlight for more than a few hours every day.

Jane recommends with digital files to use Jane Dowd Photography for prints larger than 11x14. Jane Dowd Photography will not be liable for other labs used if client is unhappy with anything related to color or editing. Each lab has its own color management, along with different quality levels.